Sisonke means “we stay together”

I’m not normally the type to ask for help, but every now and then, something sneaks in.  And this story just broke my heart.  Read this from my mom:

Darling – Christopher, one of my dustbin men, had a baby girl on 3 August this year and his wife tragically died in child birth.  The baby’s name is Sisonke and means ‘we stay together’!  He has no parents so is bringing up the baby on his own.  I bought a few things but am also trying to collect some old baby clothes, blankets etc to help him – I imagine from 6 months upwards.  Anything would be so welcome – perhaps some of your friends have the odd old baby-grow or whatever.  He is such a nice young man!!

If you have ANY old baby stuff to share, or have any friends who might be willing to part with old blankets or gear, or better yet, know any brands who might be willing to part with some old stock or something, please let me know.

Either email me at katiewolters [at] gmail [dot] com or catch me on twitter via @katewolters.

Sending this out there, with gratitude and hope.  Thank you.

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