Sisonke…an update

A couple of weeks ago I shared a story about Christophe who lost his wife in childbirth, left as a single dad to his newborn, Sisonke.  My mum and I were hoping to get a couple of things together for the little one to help her dad out…and I asked the interwebs for help.

The response was nothing short of astounding. 

We received a huge pile of stuff from people, some of it second hand, some of brand new.   Stuff from all over the country – and even on parcel sent all the way from London.  Nappies, bottles, formula, clothes (such cute clothes), shoes, toys, books, blankets, towels.  Everything a small little girl needs. 


just *some* of the stuff

I just want to send a massive heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped so generously.  You know who you are, you awesome humans.

We got this pic of Sisonke and a note from her dad….

Hallow guys, I just want to say thank you for all the things you gave for my daughter.  I’m so lucky to get some people like you guys.  God bless you guys.  THANK YOU.  …Mr Christophe Manyatela.


Beautiful Sisonke

Thank you!


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